Linzey has always been a kinesthetic learner. She has received a B.A. from UNC-Asheville in Women’s Studies and Performativity and a Master of Liberal Studies through the University of MN, Twin Cities with emphasis in: Corporeal Theory, Performance, Pedagogy and Gender Studies. Her love for teaching has expanded across all fields and into diverse populations. With a background in social work and education and a passion for healing/holistic health, she has found that training others has allowed her to help people directly and allows for a connection between body worker and the person receiving body work.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Association of Sports Medicine with a Women’s Fitness Specialist certification. Through training others, she found that core was something almost every client struggled with. It was this realization that motivated her to pursue Pilates. Currently she has completed STOTT Pilates intensive mat training through Blue Sparrow and is currently expanding her knowledge through the STOTT Intensive Reformer training. She has a knack for pushing people while avoiding injury and making the workout a fun and playful experience. She loves (amongst many things): cats, swimming and laughing so hard it hurts.

Linzey Walker