Krista Knudsen Thomas

Krista Knudsen Thomas is the new owner of Montclair Village Pilates, as of April 1, 2016. She is very excited to be carry on the tradition of high quality movement at MVP. Krista’s motto is: work hard, be kind, and sweat regularly! Her approach to Pilates combines a contemporary perspective with solid roots in the original, classical work of Joseph Pilates. Krista emphasizes moving with integrity, flow, focus, flexibility, and—most importantly—fun.

Krista earned her Comprehensive Pilates Teaching Certificate from BASI Pilates. She also certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) and regularly attends conferences, including PMA, BASI Learn from the Leaders, and Pilates Origins. Krista has a certificate in Pre- and Post-Natal Pilates (BASI Pilates/Leah Stewart). She also has a certificate in Pilates for MS and Neurological Conditions (Mariska Breland/Fuse Pilates).

Krista also has over a decade of experience working with children in theatre-based health education programs. Learn more about Krista at

Pilates helped Krista stay active and regain strength after foot surgery. An avid hiker (her favorite all-time hike? Half Dome…she’s done it three times!), she has used Pilates to help improve her performance and decrease pain.

Krista graduated from UC Berkeley in theatre, with a minor in dance. She has taught Pilates and fitness in multiple corporate, studio, and health club settings. She believes in the power of Pilates for every body!




“I have been seeing Krista twice a week for over two years and continue to do so. She is an uncommon professional in the fitness industry, who is always waiting and ready for my appointments. She is always attentive to my needs and respectful of my time while helping me progress.


As someone who has been active for most of my sixty-eight years and utilized professional trainers to benefit my progress, I can wholeheartedly recommend Krista as someone who will design a plan to meet your needs, be it recovery, flexibility, body-sculpting or increasing strength. She is also acutely tuned in to the client “today” rather than her goal for what she wants to get done. If it doesn’t feel right today—we don’t do it. She is the first professional I have worked with who understands that your goals are her goals and our bodies progress (and heal) at different rates.


Three years ago I was injured, resulting in two crushed discs. With Krista’s able instruction, I am now better in every way and 90% back to normal. No backbends or twisty-turny moves will ever be in my future but I can once again enjoy life without pain most of the time and do just about anything I want, thanks to Krista’s dedication and competency.


I believe in Krista.”


-Linda, Berkeley


“Thank you Krista for helping me find my love for Pilates!!!
Krista is patient, thoughtful, and strives to have her students/clients achieve the best possible results. I have gained a new awareness about my body and have been able to get stronger and get closer to fitness goals because of my work with Krista.

I have taken Pilates classes with Krista in and out of the corporate environment and she is truly a one-of-a-kind Pilates instructor!! I would highly recommend her for one-on-one instruction and/or general mat classes. Krista’s classes are stimulating and engaging. As an instructor, Krista is able to flex to the needs of her students and finds ways of having people work at their own pace/level. She is quick to provide suggestions and alternatives if people are dealing with any injuries or are new to Pilates. She is able to do this while still encouraging others to push themselves to new levels.”

-Hannah, Oakland


“It’s been a wonderful experience to work with Krista! She created a class just for our office staff and worked with the various bodies and strengths in the room to ensure proper technique and a great, safe workout for all.  I saw specific changes in my core strength and midsection while I was participating regularly and can’t wait to get back into a class!”

-Rebecca, Oakland


“Krista has amazing body knowledge and movement expertise, plus teaches in a way that makes people feel comfortable and their bodies more approachable. She’s a wonderful instructor!”

-Melanie, Oakland

“I really enjoy taking classes from Krista. She has this wonderful ability to frame her instructions in ways that work for different types of learners – those who need step by step detailed instructions; those who need more metaphors and images to guide them; and those who need to take cues on what their body is feeling at that very moment. She’s got something for everyone.

I’m the type of person that would get an injury during a walking workout and no matter how hard I push myself, I feel absolutely secure that I’m taking care of myself, because she’s so good at guiding us through potential problems. She’s got a fine way of instilling confidence at any level and it makes taking on Pilates as a practice so approachable.”

-Karla, Oakland

“Rarely do you come across a fitness instructor with the skill-set that Krista possesses. Krista’s professionalism, knowledge and ability to transform clients are just a few of Krista’s immeasurable assets. I’ve been in the fitness industry for 20 years, and during this time I’ve witnessed Krista tailor fitness programs for a wide range of individuals. From very large groups of children/adolescents, to adults with needed modifications, Krista has Always assessed client needs, and delivered measurable results. Krista is top-notch, and still climbing!”

-Tim, Emeryville


“I’ve been working with Krista for 2+ years. She is unfailingly prepared, patient, articulate, supportive, and incredibly focused. She constantly adds to her body of knowledge and finds new ways to make pilates fun and productive. I agree: she’s a wonderful instructor!”

-Peter, Oakland