Brijett Warto is a Pilates instructor, biologist, and science teacher. She completed her comprehensive Pilates certificate through a Balanced Body certified program, and has combined her passion for teaching and learning about the human body through teaching Pilates.

Brijett fell in love with Pilates when taking it as an undergrad college student, and after college decided to finally go back to school and become a Pilates instructor. She has learned many techniques and practices beyond simply teaching Pilates exercises, but how to teach, adapt and enhance the Pilates workout experience for all body types.

In previously obtaining a Biology degree, Brijett learned a lot about the inner workings of the human body, but in achieving a Pilates instructor certificate, she has learned much more about the complex musculoskeletal system in order to take care of, prevent injury to and achieve a healthy strong body for life.

In maintaining her own personal Pilates regimen, she is able to do the things in life she enjoys, such as, hiking, backpacking, surfing, and biking, but better!

Brijett is happy to be able to bring her experience and knowledge to Montclair Village Pilates, as she continues to learn to work with all body types and continue her passion for Pilates and teaching.